What is Google Analytics 4?


Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is an advanced web analytics platform introduced by Google in October 2020. It serves as the successor to Universal Analytics (UA) and offers enhanced capabilities for tracking and analysing user behaviour across websites and mobile apps.

Event-based Tracking and Analysis

In GA4, the focus has shifted from sessions to events as the primary unit of measurement. Unlike Universal Analytics, which emphasised sessions encompassing a series of interactions within a defined time frame, GA4 takes an event-based approach. This allows for more granular tracking and analysis of individual actions, such as pageviews, clicks, video plays, and in-app activities.

By adopting an event-centric model, GA4 provides businesses with a deeper understanding of user interactions and engagement on their digital platforms. This level of detail enables better optimisation of user experiences and more effective marketing strategies.

Integration of Data Across Platforms and Devices

GA4 places a strong emphasis on integrating data from various platforms and devices. It allows businesses to track user interactions seamlessly across websites, apps, and other digital touchpoints. This holistic view of the customer journey provides valuable insights into how users engage with different channels and helps businesses identify opportunities for improvement.

The integration of data from multiple sources enables businesses to understand user behaviour across the entire customer lifecycle. By gaining insights into the various touchpoints and channels that influence user actions, businesses can optimise their marketing efforts and deliver a more personalised experience.

Advanced Data Modelling and Machine Learning

Google Analytics 4 leverages advanced data modelling and machine learning capabilities. It employs Google’s machine learning algorithms to automatically analyse data patterns and uncover actionable insights. By applying machine learning techniques, GA4 helps businesses discover valuable trends, predict user behaviour, and make informed decisions.

The platform provides predictive metrics and audience insights, allowing businesses to anticipate user actions and preferences. This empowers organisations to tailor their marketing strategies and deliver personalised content to enhance user engagement and conversion rates.

Privacy Controls and Compliance

GA4 offers robust privacy controls and compliance features, aligning with regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It provides businesses with options for managing user consent and allows for data deletion to ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

With GA4’s privacy-focused features, businesses can collect and analyse user data while respecting user privacy preferences. This commitment to data privacy builds trust with users and ensures ethical data practices.


Google Analytics 4 represents a significant advancement in web analytics, providing businesses with a more comprehensive and flexible solution for understanding user behaviour. Its event-based tracking, data integration capabilities, advanced data modelling, and machine learning features empower businesses to gain deep insights into user interactions and optimise their marketing strategies. Furthermore, GA4’s privacy controls and compliance features ensure ethical data practices while maintaining user trust.